• Microsoft Excel® driven platform that provides teachers with hundreds of print-and-go resources for differentiating and individualizing instruction based on students’ needs
  • Detailed TEKS and Common Core grade-level menus reduce teacher “search time” to seconds
  • Provides students with multiple opportunities to practice and master math skills
  • No teacher prep necessary
  • Individualize instruction for each student based on need in seconds!

What are the components of PRAC~TIS Math?

3 major components

  • TEKS/CC specific Practice Units (worksheets) with teacher answer keys
  • Identify a target skill, print one practice page for 25 students, OR,
  • Print a different practice page of the same skill for each student
  • Teacher keys for every practice unit for effortless grading
COMPONENT #2: Domain Reviews
  • Individual skills grouped into 5/6 major Domains
  • Monitor and assess students’ progress beyond a single skill
  • Use as a pre-assessment for evaluating each student’s depth of knowledge and differentiating instruction
  • Print a Domain Review for all students, OR
  • Print a different Domain Review for each student
  • Teacher key with every review
COMPONENT #3; End-of-Year Review (Assessment) 
  • Big picture review of up to 56 problems to evaluate student progress
  • Students practice applying what they know in a longer format
  • Programs generate hundreds of different reviews
  • Print an End-of-Year Review for all students, OR
  • Print a different End-of-Year Review for each student
  • Teacher key with every review
Practis Math Examples
Students completing worksheets

Practice Units Grades K-10th Geometry

      • • Fully TEKS and Common Core compliant
      • • Provide students who are challenged by a specific skill, additional practice opportunities (worksheets) covering just that specific skill.
      • • The program’s unique ability to generate hundreds of different worksheets covering one specific skill gives teachers quick, easy access to remediate or advance student success and ultimate achievement.
      • • Answer keys with each practice unit

Domain Reviews Grades 2-10th Geometry

Kid Taking Test
        • • Expand students’ critical thinking skills by providing mathematical sets of problems for students to solve
          • Identify students’ areas of strength(s) and weakness(es) within specific domains
          • The PRAC~TIS Math’s unique ability to generate hundreds of different domain worksheets enhances students success rate
        • • Each domain problem is identified by specific TEK/CC standard for easy teacher reference of a student’s particular skill deficit and for immediate reteach opportunities using the Practice Units
        • • Answer keys with each review

Math Preparation Reviews (Assessments)

Grades 2-10th Geometry

    • The big picture review of 28 to 56 expertly designed problems (depending on grade) to measure students’ growth
    • Each student can have a different assessment covering the same standards, or the same assessment
    • PRAC~TIS Math’s unique ability to generate hundreds of different assessments provides more than ample assessment review possibilities to continuously measure students’ achievements
    • Answer keys with each Review Assessment

All In One Package!

  • Hundreds of skill specific Practices, Domain Reviews and End-of Year Evaluations
  • Easy, quick access to individualized instruction
  • Answer Keys and skills correlations paired to every component
  • No teacher preparation
  • Generate hundreds of new Practice Units, Domain Reviews, or End-of-Year Reviews with one press of the delete key.
  • PRINT and GO!
  • Unbelievably Affordable!

Where do they fit into my math lessons?

  • Students needing specific practice for reinforcement
  • Strengthen areas of weakness
  • RTI (Response to intervention)
  • Advance achieving students – Individualized student instruction
  • Special Education math reinforcement

With each grade beginning at Kindergarten, teachers will have:

  • Hundreds of Practice Units
  • Hundreds of Domain Reviews*
  • Hundreds of Math Prep Reviews**
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Rigorous and Relevant Problems
  • Print and Go Resources for Teachers



Prac~Tis Math Samples

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Practice Units, Domain Reviews, and Overall Assessment; Must have Microsoft Excel ®. Unlimited Use.